Athens Physio Clinic

Welcome to Athens Physio clinic. Nikolaos E. Kontakiotis is an expert physiotherapist recognised for world-leading treatments and a genuine patient-focused approach. Our committment is to help you get better faster and return you back to moving normally. We do this by identifying and solving the cause of your pain, not just treating the symptoms.

Our clinical experience in the UK and the MSc in Manual Therapy gave us the expertise in treating acute and persistent low back pain and neck pain, shoulder and knee pains, pregnancy-related back and pelvic pains and sports injuries of patients of all ages, including professional sports men and women. We will help you to get back to normal life, having been empowered to resolve your problems with our help and guidance.

We treat:
Spinal pain, Sports injuries, Pelvic and hip pains, Knee pain, Hamstring, groin and thigh pains, Foot and Ankle pain, Neck and upper back, Headache, Shoulder pain, Wrist and Hand Injuries,.

Our servises:
Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Exercises, Mirror Therapy, Massage, Kinesio tape, electrotherapy.


Your are welcome to visit us and discuss your problem.


Imitou 86 (1st Floor), Pagrati 11634, Athens, Greece
Tel.: 210.7010.105 - 6972157943 - Mail: info[a]